About Us

Our Vision

Hana Arts envisions our community inspired, and united by the profound and long lasting impact exposure to the Arts has on people’s lives.

Our Mission

Hana Arts provides Art & Cultural education and both life-enhancing and income-generating opportunities for all East Maui keiki to kupuna through youth, individual and family programs including classroom teaching, workshops and events that help stimulate and broaden our community’s potential.

Hana Arts is a community-based organization that provides art and cultural education, exposure and opportunities to all Hana Coast residents, youth and adults alike. We believe the Arts have a profound and long lasting impact on people’s lives.

Hana Arts began providing visual art and crafts classes for Hana children in 1991. We built on this, expanding our programs under the umbrella of the Hana Youth Center, and then Hana Cultural Center. By the time we incorporated in 1998, we were offering classes in dance, Hawaiian and world cultures, theatre, visual arts and music to both children and adults.

Hana Arts is the prevalent facilitator of Art activity in Hana/East Maui. We collaborate with many local agencies that serve our youth and their families, as well as local schools, universities and other larger art agencies within the Hawaiian islands and beyond.

The Hana/East Maui geographical area we serve, from Ke’anae to Kaupo, consists of a 30-mile radius coastal community isolated by its geographical boundaries, rural life style and difficult mountain terrain. We support the creative processes of these very special residents, and strive to create opportunities for them to reach their full potential.

Hana Arts employs professional artists and educators from the community and around the world. Our dedicated staff frequently volunteer time equal to, or greater than, the number of hours paid to run our quality programs.

Our Board Members & Staff